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    Acreages Real Estate

    A variety of Waterloo, IA acreages are available for those who want to build a home or for any other purpose. If only an acre or two is desired or several acres are needed, land is available for residential, recreational or commercial ventures. South Waterloo is one area that contains acreage that would be suitable for senior or multi-family housing. Prime infill development acreage zoned C-2 and R-4 with access to the traffic on Ridgeway Avenue, which averages approximately 9,500 daily, is one example. In addition, Waterloo, IA acreages in this location are located near U.S. Highway 63 with average traffic of 6,200 daily. The location also provides 80 miles of bike trails nearby.

    If Waterloo, IA acreages are desired for property uses including mixes use and single family, multi-family or neighborhood commercial, there are locations that will provide all of this and more. Phillips Estate on Idaho and Willow Streets are one area where acreage may be purchased. There is even city support for a number of varied plans.  

    There are some sites with acreage that include tax incentives. Fast growing locations that may be used for a business park, such as the area east of Ansborough Avenue will benefit buyers who are looking for land that is ready for development. Another area is Hammond and E. San Marman Drive. This location is the retail epicenter of Waterloo.

    If Waterloo, IA acreages are being sought for building an equestrian home, there are several places located within Blackhawk County that will allow buyers to build or buy an established home. Choose from homes with 5, 10, 20 acres or more and include 3 bedroom ranch style homes with multiple outbuildings for keeping horses or other animals. The homes may feature over 2,000 square feet of living space with full basements. With attached garages and concrete block foundations, the residences include many that were built during the 1980s. There are some that were constructed prior to this time as well as afterward.  

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